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Kings twice boston Bruins once) have all benefited from their team Trainers using lllt to both treat and prevent injuries of all sorts. Todd huidzorg now utilizes the same laser devices those teams all use in addition to several other units as well. Todd his wife eugena. Austin Licensed Massage Therapist joined the Springfield Foxes semipro football team sideline healthcare staff with Todd serving as Official team Chiropractic Physician and Cold Laser Therapist. They spent 5 seasons with the team from 20Some game nights,. Todd cold lasered upwards of 15 to 20 players on the sidelines while caring for a variety of sports injuries (calf sprains, torn hamstrings, turf toe, achilles sprains, a plethora of knee and shoulder injuries, pain associated with a fractured wrist or hand, elbow contusions. Todd Austin cold lasering a calf sprain injury on a semipro athlete. From the looks of this photo, you might assume that. Todd was cold lasering this young man for a shoulder injury. You would be wrong. See the video below to find out what Travis, a semipro football player, was actually being lasered for. Austin uses Cold Laser Therapy for an upper extremity issue on a football player.

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Then in 2010,. Todd formed a cold Laser Consulting business where he trains other holistic doctors around the sterke United States and Canada how to successfully implement lllt into their practices without breaking the bank. He has successfully trained a few dozen clients mainly fellow Doctors of Chiropractic along with some. T.s and Massage Therapists throughout 15 states and 2 provinces since that time. Here crème are a couple of testimonials from other healthcare providers: Here is one. Todds Cold Laser Consulting testimonials from a canadian client. Here is one. Todds Cold Laser Consulting testimonials from a georgia. Todd has added several cold laser units to his practice as the technology has continued to change. For example in professional hockey the past 6 Stanley cup Championship teams (Chicago Blackhawks 3 times,.

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pain relief within 3 to 4 hours of even their 1st treatment (with or without chiropractic care). Todd has since developed a great reputation for using his various lasers to deal with chronic pain and enjoys getting tough cases referred to him specifically for lllt by other chiropractors in Carlinville, chatham, jacksonville springfield as well as some Springfield. Austin is performing cold laser therapy on a gentleman with painful foot neuromas that his podiatrist really couldnt help him with. Todd see that painful foot neuroma testimonial video here: Here is a testimonial video from. Hers was the very 1st tough shoulder case that. Todd solved with his Cold Lasers in July of 2005. And here kelly who calls. Todds cold lasers his Magic Wands talks about how a combination of light force chiropractic care and lllt saved her from neck surgery.

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At Austin Family laser Chiropractic in Virden, il our next free light Night happens on September 17th at. Posted in, biomat, cold Laser Therapy, holistic health, knee pain, light therapy, lllt, pain zachtboard relief, shoulder pain, springfield tagged biomat, central il, cold laser, cold laser therapy, far infrared, knee pain, lllt, shoulder, springfield, thermotherapy 2 Replies Posted on July 20, 2015 by DrTodd Reply. Todd Austin of Austin Family Chiropractic in Virden, il celebrates 10 years of bringing the healing power of light to central Illinoisans via the state-of-the-art healing modality known as cold laser therapy. It all started for #DrTodd back in June 2004 when he first saw a demonstration on Cold Laser Therapy while at a chiropractic seminar. He was thoroughly impressed and his interest was peaked! At that time, getting started with Cold Laser devices suitable for clinical use was an expensive proposition which required spending a minimum of 4,000 and quite often much more. Todd saved up the money over the following 13 months while learning all that he could about Cold Laser Therapy (aka low level Laser Therapy or simply lllt) and investigating which laser units would be best for taking care of his patients in his Central. Todd lasers a gentleman for severe chronic hand pain. Todd Austin performing cold laser therapy on a patients hand for pain associated with arthritis. And heres his testimonial video. On July 15th, 2005, austin Family Chiropractics first 3 cold laser units arrived.

They gave away nearly 1,500 worth of Far Infrared Thermotherapy devices. Winners were iva jones, barb Callahan from Carlinville and. Shane McConnell from the Cleveland, oh area. The austins are now training 42 other health and wellness care providers throughout the. On fir technology including 19 other Chiropractic Clinics. Dr Todd Austin lets Dr david Bemis from Alton, il experience the far Infrared biobliss Experience on 8-29-20 Fall fir training event. In related news, austin Family Chiropractic will hold their next Light Night event at the clinic on the west Side of the virden Square at 6 pm on Thursday september 17th. Its a free 75 minute informational event about both cold laser therapy and far infrared therapy. Todd will demonstrate both treatments on a patient, then everyone in attendance will get to try out a fir mat. Please contact Todd or Eugena to rsvp for the september Light Night event.

Iva jones from nokomis spoke at the 8-29-15 fir training event. The next event, the, winter 2015 Midwest Far Infrared Training, will be held at the virden Area community center on Saturday november 7th from 1 to. It is a free event. For anyone planning to attend, please contact. Todd at or to rsvp. 3 attendees look on. Todd gives a fir heat Therapy demo at the 2015 Fall Midwest Training event. There was another exciting announcement at the event. Todd and Eugena were holding a contest for their distributors and customers. The contest went for 5 weeks and ended just 2 days before the fall Training.

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We also train non-healthcare providers to use them as well, as many people buy the vacatures fir mats to use daily at home. Todd eugena held their 1st training event at their home last november. It went well and thus became a quarterly event which happens in March, may august as well. The austins usually cover the technology during the 4 hour event including how the fir products are used, what conditions respond best to far Infrared Thermotherapy, how the technology works, how to share the technology with laypersons, how to share the technology with other Doctors. They typically have from 1 to 3 guest speakers at these events as well. Dr Todd with the purple mini carrying case at the fall Midwest fir training on 8-29-15. The most recent event was another successful one with 13 attendees present on 8-29-15 from 3 different states! There were 4 folks in attendance from the quad Cities (3 from Iowa 3 from Indiana, 3 from the. Louis metro east area and the remainder from central. The lone guest speaker for the fall 2015 fir training event was Mrs. Jones from nokomis, il who spoke on How to successfully Introduce the technology to holistic healthcare Providers. Iva enjoys introducing chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, veterinarians and laypeople to fir technology. cold laser

After 3 visits she asked if she could purchase one saying I see you twice per week for a 20 minute vallen treatment. Thats 40 minutes per week. Wouldnt it make more sense if I had one at home and used it daily? Todd couldnt dispute her logic. These fir mats sell for 710. Eugena signed up through the clinic to be a distributor so they could sell one to this nice lady who was experiencing such great benefit. After this, neither Todd nor. Eugena were gun shy anymore about introducing fir technology to others, especially after seeing how it essentially gave that lady her life back. Eugena austin, lmt with a pro size fir mat and pillow at the clinic in Virden,. Then in October 2014,. Todd decided hed like to go about training other doctors as it pertains to implementing this amazing fir technology into their practices as well.

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His lasers helped to calm down the pain temporarily but the surgery was inevitable. So todd purchased his very own fir device in July 2013, just 10 days before his surgery. It was as good as advertised, as he was back adjusting chiropractic patients on day #8 after surgery! From Virden il tanden displays the mini far Infrared heat therapy device at his chiropractic clinic. Austin slowly and hesitantly introduced the technology into his. Chiropractic Cold Laser Therapy practice after that, not really sure at first how recovering from an inguinal hernia surgical repair in nearly half the time translated into helping out the chronic knee pain, shoulder pain, foot pain and back pain sufferers who he typically found. Then in may 2014 he had a very tough peripheral neuropathy case. The patient was from Springfield and came to see. Todd twice per week for about a month. This was such a tough case that both chiropractic adjustments and cold laser therapy were completely ineffective at providing any pain relief whatsoever, which is highly unusual. After a single 20 minute far Infrared treatment, the patient noticed a difference as she stated For the very first time in 14 years it feels like my leg is waking up, coming back to life, attempting to heal.

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In July of 2005 the clinic purchased their first three cold laser therapy devices. Since that time,. Todd has added several other cold lasers to his toolkit, has spent 5 seasons on the sideline as the. Official team Cold Laser Therapist of a semi-pro football team (working closely with an orthopedic surgeon during 3 of those pergamon seasons) and performed over 21,000 cold laser therapy treatments on central Illinoisans. Lllt for a painful foot neuroma performed. Todds Cold Laser Therapy mentors introduced him to far Infrared (FIR) Thermotherapy in may of 2013 shortly after he was informed that he had suffered an inguinal hernia. This diagnosis was not good news laser at the time. The surgeon said you wont be able to adjust your chiropractic patients for at least 14 days. Thus youll need to take 2 whole weeks off from work. Austins mentor said that the recovery time could likely be cut in half using fir technology.

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Country united StatesAfghanistanAland IslandsAlbaniaAlgeriaAmerican and saint Eustatius and SabaBosnia and HerzegovinaBotswanabouvet IslandBrazilBritish Indian Ocean TerritoryBrunei darussalamBulgariaburkina islandsCape verdecayman IslandsCentral African RepublicCeuta and MelillaChadChileChinaChristmas IslandCocos (Keeling) IslandsColombiacomorosCongo, democratic Republic ofCongo, republic ofcook islandsCosta ricaCote republicEast TimorEcuadorEgyptEl SalvadorEquatorial IslandsFaroe islandsFijiFinlandFranceFrench guianaFrench PolynesiaFrench southern and McDonald IslandsHoly see. Pierre and MiquelonState of PalestineSudanSurinamesvalbard and Jan mayen Arab and and caicos Islandstuvaluus minor Outlying IslandsUgandaUkraineUnited Arab EmiratesUnited KingdomUnited Islands (British)Virgin Islands (USA)Wallis and FutunaWestern SaharaYemenZambiazimbabwe. Posted on, september 7, 2015 by, drTodd 2,. Todd eugena austin from Virden in Central, il hosted their quarterly fall 2015 Midwest Far Infrared Thermotherapy Training event on Saturday august 29th at their home. They are the owners. Austin Family Chiropractic in Virden, which is located in northern Macoupin county (20 minutes north of Carlinville and 25 plotse minutes south of Springfield). Fall 2015 Midwest fir training: Far Infrared Therapy group photo of all attendees. Todd graduated from Logan Chiropractic College in 1993 and relocated to virden with his wife eugena, a licensed Massage Therapist, in 1996. They opened afc in October that year. Austin was introduced. Cold Laser Therapy which totally fascinated him.

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Cold Laser Supplies offers products and information on this web-site, which is not to be considered a replacement for any treatment, therapy or medication prescribed by a health care provider or Doctor. No health claims are intended or implied. If you have a medical condition, please see a qualified practitioner.

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We offer dozens of different cold lasers and have over a hundred pages of cold laser information and low level laser articles to help you make an informed and educated decision. We are authorized distributors of some of the top cold laser brands available in America, such as avant laser Wellness Systems with 5 models to choose from, terraquant Pro laser, terraquant Solo, powerLaser, powerMedic, gigaLaser, evolution Fusion LipoLaser, medical lasers, clinical lasers, chiropractic lasers, home. Call Laser Specialist for help in choosing a cold laser to meet your needs and budget.

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M is an independent cold laser shop that specializes in a wide range of low level lasers and healing lasers for all types of cold laser therapy. We are here to serve, support, and help you benefit personally and/or professionally from cold laser therapy equipment with both home use lasers and professional use lasers. We provide a generous selection of cold lasers for pain management, laser acupuncture, vet and pet care, equine lasers, smoking cessation, weight loss, body contouring, lipolaser, skin care lasers and more.

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